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From The Desk of Our Chief Servant
We are working tirelessly to see this project mature. It has been four years now and I must thank each and everyone of you who stuck with us from the word go. Yes we have had challenges in several aspects but that never detered us, I am glad that you all embraced my idea to create RiCHdotComm for ourselves and our friends who need to make money but have little to start with. As we keep working together on this project, let's endeavor to remain steadfast and resolute for what we are creating is going to be the rescue boat for some individuals at crucial moments of their lives. Each of us are eagles of the community and together we will fly higher until there is no place to fly anymore. Thank you. Amos Y. Tuoyintir (Chief Servant)   
RiCHdotComm MISSION STATEMENT Providing a reliable system to deliver quality and affordable products and services through customer partnership and participation.   RiCHdotComm VISSION STATEMENT To be the best and the most trusted online business community with great customer satisfaction. 
RELIABLE: We deliver as promised and you can be rest assured your business is in good hands. QUALITY: We provide you with the best of online experience. Our products are designed with our customers in mind. We here at RiCHdotComm are dedicated to giving you the best of services and seeing your business grow with us. AFFORDABILITY: Unlimited options for you to make a choice. Cost effective and price tailored packages, we believe in you starting small with us and together we can grow your finances as well as meet your product needs. 


Amos Tuoyintir :
Hard work and dedication is fairly ...
" Amos Tuoyintir Email: Phone number: 0549814048 Website: In RiCHdotComm, there is dignity in labour, the more you work, the more you earn. The company automatically and fairly pay Everyone according to your activity. This is a system where you decide how much you want to ... "

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